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6 Things to Know Before Living Alone

home-aloneRemember college when you shared a tiny dorm room with a complete stranger your freshman year? And then moved into a house with somewhere between 5 and 15 of your best friends? Remember how much fun that was? Yeah, those were the days. And then suddenly, you graduate and become real people with jobs you actually have to go to every day  and alarms you can’t snooze until it’s time to start drinking. And you get emails that you actually have to read. And you have to use your grown up phone voice all the time and your favorite ripped jeans are reserved for lazy Sundays only. And perhaps you live with all your best friends still (I did), but it’s just not the same. You’re adjusting. You’re growing up. And it sort of sucks. You can’t get away with never cleaning the shower and exclusively using paperware to avoid having to do the dishes. Storming home at 3am with tree branches, traffic cones and a few strangers nice enough to give you a ride is no longer acceptable. You all end up hating each other. And then, to save your friendships and your whole no-murders-on-my-record streak, you decide to live alone. And it’s awesome (seriously. Everyone needs to live alone once in their life. I urge you to do this). But like anything you do for the first time, there are some things you need to get used to and some tricks to learn before you do it well.  Read the rest of this entry


When Being Single Sucks

New York is probably the best city to be single in. I remember living in Rochester for a handful of years after college and was terrified of being single there. It was a city that screamed “settle down” and while I lived there, I was on that path. I wore dress pants to work every day, had a fridge full of fresh groceries and a boyfriend to snuggle on the couch with. But after awhile, I found that settling down sort of just felt like settling, and I left. And while I definitely don’t miss dress pants and prefer the many delivery options NYC has to offer, there are some times when being single sneaks up on you, like a change-of-seasons cold that leaves you unexpectedly bedridden for days. Read the rest of this entry

What I Hate About New York

There are not many things I don’t like about this city. I’ve written blogs, tweets and sonnets about my adoration of New York City. But like every amazing relationship, we sometimes have our ups and downs. And lest you all think this was an unrealistic love affair with no flaws, I’ll give you the inside look at what goes on behind the closed doors of my marriage to NYC. Read the rest of this entry

How Everyone Knows You’re From NYC

My job has given me the sometimes exhausting, but mostly just exciting, opportunity to travel around the continental United States quite a bit. I’ve been in the heart of big cities and to outlying suburbs; I’ve been on the East Coast and West Coast; down south and in the middle of America. I’ve been just about everywhere. The places I’ve been to in this country are so different from one another. And yet, no matter where I go, I always hear the same thing: You must be from New York, right? So how do they know? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve come up with a few reasons people will always be able to spot a NY’er in their presence. Read the rest of this entry

5 People You Meet on the Subway

New York City mass transit is one of the most amazing things in the world, if you ask me. For $2.25 you can pass your way through all 5 buroughs, rub elbows with business men and bums, and maybe even get to second base with a stranger. It’s seriously genius. After you’ve spent some time riding the subway, especially during a rush hour commute, you start to seem similarities in your fellow passengers. I’ve realized, there are pretty much 5 kinds of people you’ll find yourself sharing a ride with: Read the rest of this entry

The New York City Trifecta

They say when you live in New York City, you’re constantly in search of one of three things: the dream apartment, perfect relationship and a successful career. If you manage to nab each of these, you’ve officially made it. If you don’t – well I’m not so sure what that means exactly. Maybe that you should just throw in the towel, start taking the bus and give up ordering a skinny at Starbucks. Until that time comes though, consider this your reference guide to ensure you actually make it in this city (and coming from someone who’s snagged 2 out of 3, I figure I’m just as entitled as any to post this). Read the rest of this entry

When in New York… A Non-Tourists Guide to Showing a Tourist Around NYC

My friend Bryan came to visit last summer. I had only just officially moved into the city a few months prior to his arrival and, as he was one of the things I missed most from my previous Rochester NY life, I was super excited. I asked him what he wanted to do while he was in town. His answer: Canal Street. I laughed, I cried and I loaded him on the 6 train to buy fake designer goods and watered down perfume. I also made fun of him for the next 2 days.

Another anecdote with a different outcome: My friend Tom was in town for the afternoon a few months back. We met at the seaport and had planned to have lunch. That was all we planned. Lunch at the seaport is like a 45 minute event. We wandered around aimlessly, got lost because I had no idea where the places he wanted to see were and – newsflash! – I can’t read a map, and basically wasted a trip to NYC because I played it by ear too much.

To avoid both of these situations in my future friends-are-coming-to-visit scenarios, I decided to compile a guide for how to see the city without “seeing” the city guaranteed to not make you feel like a tourist AND not leave you going “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”. Read the rest of this entry