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The NYC Girl’s Diet

My eating habits suck. I have apples, tofu and old soy milk in my refrigerator. Most days, I’m just hoping the Brita is full. It’s not easy being an NYC girl, let me tell you. I get take-out sometimes, but more often I go out to eat because I’m never home.  Since I’ve moved into my own place I’ve found my eating habits are even more deplorable. This also ties in with the fact that it’s Q4 which is historically what I refer to as “crazy quarter” at work, so I’m running around like a lunatic. I’ve become what I call “accidentally anorexic” some days. It’s a combination of forgetting to eat coupled with being too lazy to go and get food along with preferring to consume a liquid dinner.

I recently discovered I’m getting quite a few hits to this little blog (who knew?) and I’m guessing you all don’t live in this glorious city and might be wondering about the life one lives here. So let’s start with a little walk-through of the diet any true NYC girl is likely to be following (this is assuming she’s actually consuming anything, which can’t be guaranteed). Read the rest of this entry


The Essential NYC Summer Guide

Much as we think it won’t happen (do you remember all the snow this winter??), every year summer hits NYC – and hits it hard. This week was particularly hard-hitting in the weather department. Hazy, hot and humid… all amplified by not having AC in the office for two full days. I found myself wishing it was September instead of June and that summer was almost over. But then I mentally slapped myself for that delusional thinking. Sub-zero temps, inches upon inches of snow – no way. So I decided to compile a list of things every NYC girl needs to have in her bag, on her body, and as her state of mind during the summer months ahead. Read the rest of this entry