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The Overrated Guilty Pleasures of America

Guess what! It’s time for another guest blog! Today’s post comes from the ever-fabulous Jen O’Neill. Jen is a #PMP-in-training; a fierce 20-something from NY who goes to school in Boston and is currently spending the semester in Madrid, just traipsing around Europe in general.

While she’s been away, miss O’Neill has had time to reflect on the quintessential things that makes America America – for better or worse. And yeah, she has a love/ hate relationship with them. Check out the musings of this chick and give her a follow on Twitter @jenonizzle Read the rest of this entry


5 TV Shows You Should Never Watch If You Want to be Taken Seriously

It seems that every January, a slew of horrible new shows hit the airwaves with the promise of exposing all the idiots on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. These programs fall mostly into the reality TV category. You’ll see many people posting on their social profiles about how dumb these shows are, but their live tweets each week prove that they are regularly tuning in. Sometimes even DVR’ing so they don’t have to waste a moment of their mind–numbing adventures with silly commercials. Now, I don’t judge you for watching any of the below programs, but I just can’t take you seriously. If you’d like me to contine taking you seriously, avoid making public your love of the following: Read the rest of this entry

Why it’s OK to Hate America

I recently picked up a copy of the UK edition of cosmopolitan magazine. I was in a rush and there was some scantily clad blonde broad on the cover that could have easily been any number of US tartlets. Besides not being able to tell if I could actually afford any of the items listed (what’s the pounds to dollars conversion these days?), I didn’t so much mind or care that this wasn’t the US edition. Until that is, I came to a blurb about TV shows and guilty foods to eat while watching. Guess what they recommended to eat during a US show. Breadsticks and slushies. I felt so sad to be an American while reading that. Then I started thinking about the good old U-S of A. While I love NYC (a lot), I’m not particularly patriotic. There are plenty of reasons to think Americans are breadstick munching, slushy guzzling buffoons. Here are some I came up with (yes, a lot of them ended up being fucked up families…interesting trend): Read the rest of this entry