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Winter Must-Haves for an NYC Girl

Now that Christmas is finally over (yes, I did say finally, I freaking hate all that holiday hullabaloo), I can go back to enjoying New York City without annoying people gawking at a tree, crowding the subways, taking available cabs and filling my regular shopping stomping grounds with their suburban dollars. Life, as I know it, can go back to normal. Much like summer, extreme seasons require provisions and precautions in this city. Tackling sub-zero temps in the best city in the world is no easy task. Alas, I have compiled a handy guide to make sure you’re ready. Read the rest of this entry


The Essential NYC Summer Guide

Much as we think it won’t happen (do you remember all the snow this winter??), every year summer hits NYC – and hits it hard. This week was particularly hard-hitting in the weather department. Hazy, hot and humid… all amplified by not having AC in the office for two full days. I found myself wishing it was September instead of June and that summer was almost over. But then I mentally slapped myself for that delusional thinking. Sub-zero temps, inches upon inches of snow – no way. So I decided to compile a list of things every NYC girl needs to have in her bag, on her body, and as her state of mind during the summer months ahead. Read the rest of this entry