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10 Things You Realize in Your 20s

I’ve ranted before about how much your 20s suck. But you know what? They’re not all that bad. And we don’t get too much time to enjoy them. I think this is the first time in your life you’re really able to be introspective. Sure, you’re a disaster and trying to figure what growing up and being an adult actually means; but you also have a little bit of living under your belt. If you’ll allow me to elaborate on some of my findings, well then, keep reading: Read the rest of this entry


Things You Can’t Stand During a Juice Cleanse

My last of the green juices. It was a happy day

After traipsing around France and Italy for a few weeks and literally eating everything in sight (I mean everything. I had to take breaks during dinner to make sure I could get through all four courses and there was a mandatory 4pm Gelato Hour), I decided I needed to give my body a little break and avoid my walk being permanently dubbed the “high caloric crawl”. I did what any normal person would do, and immediately started a raw food diet in preparation for a three day juice cleanse. I know there a lot of people who did this sort of thing. But these are likely the type of people who also enjoy going to the gym and include “running a marathon” on their list of things to accomplish. I am not one of those people and I complained the entire three days I was drinking my way towards a healthier self. Here’s what I discovered: things that normally don’t phase you during a day become really fucking irritating. This is what I mean: Read the rest of this entry