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Things You Can’t Stand During a Juice Cleanse

My last of the green juices. It was a happy day

After traipsing around France and Italy for a few weeks and literally eating everything in sight (I mean everything. I had to take breaks during dinner to make sure I could get through all four courses and there was a mandatory 4pm Gelato Hour), I decided I needed to give my body a little break and avoid my walk being permanently dubbed the “high caloric crawl”. I did what any normal person would do, and immediately started a raw food diet in preparation for a three day juice cleanse. I know there a lot of people who did this sort of thing. But these are likely the type of people who also enjoy going to the gym and include “running a marathon” on their list of things to accomplish. I am not one of those people and I complained the entire three days I was drinking my way towards a healthier self. Here’s what I discovered: things that normally don’t phase you during a day become really fucking irritating. This is what I mean: Read the rest of this entry

The NYC Girl’s Diet

My eating habits suck. I have apples, tofu and old soy milk in my refrigerator. Most days, I’m just hoping the Brita is full. It’s not easy being an NYC girl, let me tell you. I get take-out sometimes, but more often I go out to eat because I’m never home.  Since I’ve moved into my own place I’ve found my eating habits are even more deplorable. This also ties in with the fact that it’s Q4 which is historically what I refer to as “crazy quarter” at work, so I’m running around like a lunatic. I’ve become what I call “accidentally anorexic” some days. It’s a combination of forgetting to eat coupled with being too lazy to go and get food along with preferring to consume a liquid dinner.

I recently discovered I’m getting quite a few hits to this little blog (who knew?) and I’m guessing you all don’t live in this glorious city and might be wondering about the life one lives here. So let’s start with a little walk-through of the diet any true NYC girl is likely to be following (this is assuming she’s actually consuming anything, which can’t be guaranteed). Read the rest of this entry

When in New York… A Non-Tourists Guide to Showing a Tourist Around NYC

My friend Bryan came to visit last summer. I had only just officially moved into the city a few months prior to his arrival and, as he was one of the things I missed most from my previous Rochester NY life, I was super excited. I asked him what he wanted to do while he was in town. His answer: Canal Street. I laughed, I cried and I loaded him on the 6 train to buy fake designer goods and watered down perfume. I also made fun of him for the next 2 days.

Another anecdote with a different outcome: My friend Tom was in town for the afternoon a few months back. We met at the seaport and had planned to have lunch. That was all we planned. Lunch at the seaport is like a 45 minute event. We wandered around aimlessly, got lost because I had no idea where the places he wanted to see were and – newsflash! – I can’t read a map, and basically wasted a trip to NYC because I played it by ear too much.

To avoid both of these situations in my future friends-are-coming-to-visit scenarios, I decided to compile a guide for how to see the city without “seeing” the city guaranteed to not make you feel like a tourist AND not leave you going “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”. Read the rest of this entry

An F’in Weekend

I love when you have a good week that’s capped off by an amazing weekend. And that’s what this week/ weekend was all about. After an incredibly successful Likeable U (including client day, Dave Kerpen‘s book launch party, and other bits of awesomeness), I had a packed weekend which involved celebrating not one but two birthdays. As I sit back and reflect on another weekend over and done with, I see a common thread emerge in this weekend’s success story. Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter “F” – behold:

Friends: Because of our  insane lives, travel schedules, and varying social calendars, it’s been WEEKS since I’ve hit the town with my friends here in NYC. It was a long time coming, and we had a special occasion to celebrate: a 26th birthday. Not to be outdone by the events that unfolded during my 3-day birthday extravaganza (which may literally be the last time we all went out together), Beryl’s birthday involved a swanky rooftop, Grey Goose bottle service, an epic dance party and what can only be categorized as Geneseo/IB-like shenanigans. I also may or may not have yelled at a bartender for not serving the Patron chilled. I mean, really… Read the rest of this entry

$19 for a Pitcher of Awesome

File under: shenanigans (no really, I’ll make a category and this post will live there).

I just had a great dinner and catch up session with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. It got me thinking (the $19 pitcher of Sangria also got me thinking) of how you can find and make friends with people you never would have imagined you’d be friends with. I guess this is the joy of working at a start up company.

Allow me to elaborate (and this is my blog, so I’m supposed to elaborate, ok?). 18 months ago I started working at a company with 3 full time employees in NYC (herehere and here), 1 in Boston, a couple of part-timers (here and here) and a pair of the hardest working co-founders I’ve ever seen (here and here). You weren’t hired because you’d be best friends with everyone. You were hired because you were smart, you were driven and you were passionate about social media. If anyone out there has ever worked at a start-up, you know that the people working beside you aren’t just your co-workers, they’re soldiers fighting in the same battle you’re fighting. You don’t really consider being friends, you just somehow become family. Read the rest of this entry