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No-Fail Ways to Make Yourself Really Sad

I know it seems weird, but we all do it right? We all do things we know we shouldn’t because we know we’ll just depress ourselves. And yet, it’s like we’re not physically capable of stopping it, knowing full well we’ll end up walking back to our apartments with Ray LaMontagne singing sad diddies in our ears (just me? whatever). Sometimes we need to feel sad, though. And sometimes we just don’t have anything better to do. Here are my go-to make-you-want-to-sit-in-the-dark-and-cry-for-days techniques: Read the rest of this entry


Why it’s OK to Hate America

I recently picked up a copy of the UK edition of cosmopolitan magazine. I was in a rush and there was some scantily clad blonde broad on the cover that could have easily been any number of US tartlets. Besides not being able to tell if I could actually afford any of the items listed (what’s the pounds to dollars conversion these days?), I didn’t so much mind or care that this wasn’t the US edition. Until that is, I came to a blurb about TV shows and guilty foods to eat while watching. Guess what they recommended to eat during a US show. Breadsticks and slushies. I felt so sad to be an American while reading that. Then I started thinking about the good old U-S of A. While I love NYC (a lot), I’m not particularly patriotic. There are plenty of reasons to think Americans are breadstick munching, slushy guzzling buffoons. Here are some I came up with (yes, a lot of them ended up being fucked up families…interesting trend): Read the rest of this entry