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If Your Love Life was a Social Network

I am pretty much paid to make my heart beat social media. I know more about social networks than most people do and sometimes forget that the general population just thinks Facebook is cool and doesn’t care their ad platform will be changing soon or there are known issues with the roll-out of Timeline. I, however, have to know these things. And it’s made me look at most things in my life through the lens of social media. I’ve decided to examine some of the top social networks and compare them to the other thing I spend a lot of time thinking about: dating. Read the rest of this entry


Breaking Up in a Facebook World

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the trials and tribulations of dating in a Facebook world. The social network that has brought us together with best friends and creepy stalkers has created some complexities when it comes to dating; adding a whole new layer of relationship issues. If you’re lucky enough to begin a relationship with all the Facebook (and social media) complications, there’s only one natural next step: the break up. And unfortunately, Facebook has thrown a wrench into this as well. Here’s some advice on how to deal with your break up in a Facebook world:  Read the rest of this entry

Dating in a Facebook World

As often happens when you begin keeping a personal blog, your art (can we call this art? I’m going to) begins to imitate your life and you find inspiration from the every day. Recently, in more than one social setting, boyfriends/ girlfriends on Facebook have been a hot topic of conversation. We pondered a few big points and of course, it’s got me thinking how to handle your Facebook behavior in the dating world. Read the rest of this entry