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Things You Can’t Do at a Bar After You Graduate College

mom jeans don't belong dancing on a bar

After a particular rowdy night at a bar recently, I woke up with a pounding head, questionable text messages and a blurred memory of what happened the night before. As I was slowly recovering over a giant Diet Coke and French fries, I realized how much slower I bounced back from a night on the town than I used to 5 or 6 years ago. I then started thinking that maybe that type of behavior just isn’t acceptable after you graduate college, regardless of what city you live in. So, post-grads (and soon-to-be post-grads), I decided to compile a handy guide in case you’re confused about bar scene do’s and don’ts. Read the rest of this entry


Things that are only acceptable when you’re with your college friends



I consider myself to be a pretty lucky person when it comes to my college experience. While I made a handful of bad decisions, I also made a handful of amazing friends and even more great memories. I’m fortunate enough to have some best friends living in the same city and I get to see  them and sling back cocktails on regular basis. Even more fortunate though, I have friends in other cities who I get to see for reunion weekends. We started the summer after sophomore year and have continued this, with pretty much the same crew, for the last 7 years. This past weekend was one of those Geneseo reunions.

Last year, we hit up Saratoga, NY for the Tom Petty concert and a weekend of sunbathing, shots and no showers. This year, we changed scenery and crossed state-lines to the fist pumping capital of the world, New Jersey. My friend Joey is one of those rare non-NY residents who opt to attend a SUNY school. Thanks to him, we did a good job tearing our way through Belmar last weekend.

As I reflect on the weekend, I realize there are certain behaviors that only come out – and are only acceptable – when you’re in the company of college friends. While I regularly see plenty of college friends who live here in NYC; something extra special happens when our visits become occasions. And this weekend, dear readers, was an occasion. Behold, the debaucherous behaviors:

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