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The Overrated Guilty Pleasures of America

Guess what! It’s time for another guest blog! Today’s post comes from the ever-fabulous Jen O’Neill. Jen is a #PMP-in-training; a fierce 20-something from NY who goes to school in Boston and is currently spending the semester in Madrid, just traipsing around Europe in general.

While she’s been away, miss O’Neill has had time to reflect on the quintessential things that makes America America – for better or worse. And yeah, she has a love/ hate relationship with them. Check out the musings of this chick and give her a follow on Twitter @jenonizzle Read the rest of this entry


Secret Single Behavior… Virgin Shoes

Because most moments in a woman’s life generally come back to a Sex and the City reference, it seemed only fitting that I have a Carrie-embodying occasion as I opened my latest pair of shoes. The particular episode I’m recalling is when the ladies discuss their secret single behaviors. For those of you who don’t know, SSBs are those odd things we wouldn’t dare attempt letting another person see us do — especially a significant other.

As I was tearing my way into a new box of shoes, I discovered my own SSB: taking a shoe’s virginity. Ok, it’s not as weird or as vulgar as you’re probably imagining (get your head outta the gutter!), but it definitely goes along with what Carrie and Miranda discuss in the episode. Allow me to explain. Read the rest of this entry

This is the First Post

I recently had a conversation with a coworker who was talking about starting a blog, and it reminded me of my long discarded attempts at starting (and never publishing) my own blog. Once upon a time ago, I dreamed of being the next Carrie Bradshaw — without the rent controlled apartment but with, arguably more valuable, the ability to form a declarative sentence. And the shoes. The shoes would be mine.

But then I woke up and realized I was a workaholic. I had made a new dream and I was pushing myself every day to accomplish it. So now that I’ve earned VP title at an amazing social media agency, it’s time to go back to those old dreams.

And thus, I bring you Hipster in High Heels. My first foray into personal blogging. This will be indulgent, laden with photos of shoes, recounts of my New York City adventures and of course, soaked in snarky observations of life.

This is my first post. As the true -aholic I have become, I’m earning my chip of desire.

Goal 1: Don’t fall off the wagon

— M