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When You Should Stop Dating Him

We are never ever getting back together!I’ve long struggled with how exactly to turn my real-life dating explorations into blog-worthy content without offending my suitors who have friended me on Facebook or followed me on Twitter. I’m sure if they read they’ll be able to see themselves in there and I want to avoid disaster (do you guys remember when Big read Carrie’s book? Bad news bears). But I’ve been dating fewer people more regularly lately and the experiences are just too good to not share. These are some tell-tale signs I should have stopped dating him. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent (and they’ve been blocked/ unfriended to avoid #thatawkwardmoment when the girl you used to date starts blogging about you #sorrynotsorry): Read the rest of this entry


“I Complete Me” – One Girl’s Story of Owning Singledom

It still totally amazes me that people read the stupid words I write down on this site. What floors me even more, though, is when people approach me to guest post because something I’ve written has inspired them to take pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard, as the case may be). One of my recent posts, The Importance of Being Single, did just that. My good friend and former co-worker Dhara Naik, shares why being single was so important for her. Read and enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

The Importance of Being Single

I’m not sure when it became (or rather, why it still is) an expectation for everyone to match up and be in a relationship. Sure, being single sometimes sucks. But I think we often underestimate the importance of being single. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves and on other people to be paired up that we don’t take a second to stop and realize that being single doesn’t make you less of a complete person. In fact, I’d argue that learning how to be single well is a skill that will be necessary in your quest for wholeness. I think being single teaches you a lot about yourself and a lot about life. Read the rest of this entry

When Being Single Sucks

New York is probably the best city to be single in. I remember living in Rochester for a handful of years after college and was terrified of being single there. It was a city that screamed “settle down” and while I lived there, I was on that path. I wore dress pants to work every day, had a fridge full of fresh groceries and a boyfriend to snuggle on the couch with. But after awhile, I found that settling down sort of just felt like settling, and I left. And while I definitely don’t miss dress pants and prefer the many delivery options NYC has to offer, there are some times when being single sneaks up on you, like a change-of-seasons cold that leaves you unexpectedly bedridden for days. Read the rest of this entry

27 Things You Should Know Before Dating Me

There was recently a blog on Thought Catalog about the things someone needed to know before dating the author. I thought the guy was kind of a douche with some of his points, kind of awesome with others, and pretty darn brave for publishing it to TC’s audience (which makes this little blog look like the middle of nowhere USA compared to New York City). Then my two brilliant co-workers published their lists too. (Check out Shari’s here and Alex’s here) and I was inspired. As if I haven’t given the male population enough reason to run screaming, here’s my list – one for each year I’ve been around. Read the rest of this entry

Lies Girls Tell (and what they really mean)

I’ve covered guys lying before (check it out: here), but I can’t pretend girls never fib here or there for the sake of self-preservation. I won’t betray my people and go into the lies we often tell in relationships (or to get out of relationships) — some secrets are meant to be kept — but I will let you in on some other white lies we tell every now and then.

Read the rest of this entry

Lies Guys Don’t Need to Tell

As a modern day single girl, I can tell you for a fact that girls don’t believe a thing most guys say. On the contrary, we assume everything you’re saying is a lie and basically do a quick cost-benefit analysis of whether or not we should just go with it. Because we are the softer sex, we typically do. And that’s where the trouble lies. Instead of everyone just being honest with each other, we play lots of games and leave ourselves poised for awkward run-ins at the local Gristedes. So gentlemen, this post is for you. Here are some lies we know you’re telling, and a desperate plea to just knock it off. Read the rest of this entry

If Your Love Life was a Social Network

I am pretty much paid to make my heart beat social media. I know more about social networks than most people do and sometimes forget that the general population just thinks Facebook is cool and doesn’t care their ad platform will be changing soon or there are known issues with the roll-out of Timeline. I, however, have to know these things. And it’s made me look at most things in my life through the lens of social media. I’ve decided to examine some of the top social networks and compare them to the other thing I spend a lot of time thinking about: dating. Read the rest of this entry

Single or Taken: How to Rock Valentine’s Day (and not vom regardless of the situation)

Valentine’s Day is rarely thought of as a great holiday. If you’re single, it’s a day you sit around with your girlfriends and eat more chocolate than you’ll eat again at any other point of the year. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be forced to spend too much money on things like flowers and dinner reservations and be pressured to buy yet another gift (really, wasn’t Christmas like, less than 2 months ago?). It’s a greeting card holiday. Blah, blah, blah. We know all the standard complaints right? Well here I have for you a survival guide to help you get through the day whether or not you’re in a relationship. Read the rest of this entry

Breaking Up in a Facebook World

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the trials and tribulations of dating in a Facebook world. The social network that has brought us together with best friends and creepy stalkers has created some complexities when it comes to dating; adding a whole new layer of relationship issues. If you’re lucky enough to begin a relationship with all the Facebook (and social media) complications, there’s only one natural next step: the break up. And unfortunately, Facebook has thrown a wrench into this as well. Here’s some advice on how to deal with your break up in a Facebook world:  Read the rest of this entry