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6 Things to Know Before Living Alone

home-aloneRemember college when you shared a tiny dorm room with a complete stranger your freshman year? And then moved into a house with somewhere between 5 and 15 of your best friends? Remember how much fun that was? Yeah, those were the days. And then suddenly, you graduate and become real people with jobs you actually have to go to every day  and alarms you can’t snooze until it’s time to start drinking. And you get emails that you actually have to read. And you have to use your grown up phone voice all the time and your favorite ripped jeans are reserved for lazy Sundays only. And perhaps you live with all your best friends still (I did), but it’s just not the same. You’re adjusting. You’re growing up. And it sort of sucks. You can’t get away with never cleaning the shower and exclusively using paperware to avoid having to do the dishes. Storming home at 3am with tree branches, traffic cones and a few strangers nice enough to give you a ride is no longer acceptable. You all end up hating each other. And then, to save your friendships and your whole no-murders-on-my-record streak, you decide to live alone. And it’s awesome (seriously. Everyone needs to live alone once in their life. I urge you to do this). But like anything you do for the first time, there are some things you need to get used to and some tricks to learn before you do it well.  Read the rest of this entry


5 Things to Never Settle For

Don't be fooled by these happy pilgrims. Settling is so suckers.

Don’t be fooled by these happy pilgrims. Settling is for suckers.

There are so many things we can settle for when we’re trying to figure it all out. We might settle for a lower salary, a smaller apartment, and a knock-off pair of shoes until we can afford the real deal. We might settle for ramen noodles for dinner. But there are things we should never settle for, be it in a relationship, in our careers, or just in the things we know we deserve. Before we hit 30 and look back in regret, we need to have a heart-to-heart with ourselves and decide what we can bend on and what we never will. Here’s my list: Read the rest of this entry

“I Complete Me” – One Girl’s Story of Owning Singledom

It still totally amazes me that people read the stupid words I write down on this site. What floors me even more, though, is when people approach me to guest post because something I’ve written has inspired them to take pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard, as the case may be). One of my recent posts, The Importance of Being Single, did just that. My good friend and former co-worker Dhara Naik, shares why being single was so important for her. Read and enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

10 Things You Realize in Your 20s

I’ve ranted before about how much your 20s suck. But you know what? They’re not all that bad. And we don’t get too much time to enjoy them. I think this is the first time in your life you’re really able to be introspective. Sure, you’re a disaster and trying to figure what growing up and being an adult actually means; but you also have a little bit of living under your belt. If you’ll allow me to elaborate on some of my findings, well then, keep reading: Read the rest of this entry

Things You Can Only Get Away With On Your Birthday

Well dear readers, today is a pretty important day. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly – it’s my birthday. And while having a birthday fall on a Monday is kind of shitty, you can at least add an extra day to your “birthday weekend’ celebrations. Oh, and I’m going to Miami tomorrow, so this is where my complaining stops. The anniversary of my birth, and the absolute absurdity of my party on Saturday night has inspired me to write a blog that I’m hoping will cleanse my conscience of all the bad, bad decisions I made in the last few hours of my 26th year. Read the rest of this entry

Things You Can’t Do at a Bar After You Graduate College

mom jeans don't belong dancing on a bar

After a particular rowdy night at a bar recently, I woke up with a pounding head, questionable text messages and a blurred memory of what happened the night before. As I was slowly recovering over a giant Diet Coke and French fries, I realized how much slower I bounced back from a night on the town than I used to 5 or 6 years ago. I then started thinking that maybe that type of behavior just isn’t acceptable after you graduate college, regardless of what city you live in. So, post-grads (and soon-to-be post-grads), I decided to compile a handy guide in case you’re confused about bar scene do’s and don’ts. Read the rest of this entry

Why Your Twenties Suck

Whine alert: Please do not read this blog if you’re someone who wants to read all the reasons why it’s like so totally amazing to be a 20-something living in NYC. Please, let’s be honest here for a second. Those seasoned, experienced women we hear say “I’m so glad I’m not in my 20s anymore” – well, they’re right. At least, IMHO. Your 20s are this strange time where you’re not in college, but you’re not 30. Profound musings, I know. But think about it. You’re not in college. You’re not the much-feared 30. You’re just… 20 something. I don’t think it’s all that great. Here’s why: Read the rest of this entry