Hipster-Minded Meets High-Fashion

How did the hipster burn her tongue? She ate her pizza before it was cool.


Okay, so apologies for the lame joke, but I needed an entrance to this post. I was recently approached about a new start-up that launched about two weeks ago. It’s called Crowdemand* and the concept is pretty cool, especially if you’re in to fashion. I’ll explain more in a moment, but the whole company is based on getting exclusive looks, in limited quantities, from top fashion designers. And I started thinking: is there a whole “hipster” mentality coming to take the premium fashion world by storm? I hope so. Here are three companies that are signaling the onset of the invasion:

1. Crowdemand – As I mentioned before, Crowdemand is a new company who boldly state on their website: We believe fashion should be made just for you. Sign me up (no, really, I did sign up). Here’s how it works: Crowdemand partners with top designers (they launched with Cynthia Rowley and are now featuring Whit and Meskita) to showcase a limited number of designs you can pre-order. If enough people pre-order, the designer will produce an exclusive line. Crowdemand puts the power in the hands of the consumer, so they can choose what’s hot – and what’s not. And even more in the hipster-mentality, the limited distribution number means you won’t see everyone else on the subway rocking your look. Here are few more reasons I love this concept (and think all the fashion-minded hipster out there will too):

  • Social media is baked into the brand’s foundation. Once a designer selects the items he or she wants to put up, users have 2 weeks to generate enough pre-orders to get their favorite items into production. Social shares are encourage – and rewarded. If your friend joins and pre-orders an items that gets produced, you’ll see $25 show up in your account.
  • There are three different categories that clothing falls under: 1) Celebrity Spotting (designers recreate an item worn by a celebrity), 2) Back by Popular Demand (designers bring back a popular item from a past season #hipsterslovesvintage), 3) New Demands (designers create brand new designs just for the Crowdemand community).
  • It turns the fashion industry on its head. Finally, we can say what we want and what we don’t. It’s Kickstarter meets the fashion industry and I’m excited to see what’s to come.

The price points are a bit high for the general public, but with looks starting at $200, they’re sure to find their niche group of enthusiasts.

2ea88870678911e3a7c21279b4df689b_82. Anthony Luciano If you’re a handbag lover, let me introduce you to Anthony Luciano. I was lucky enough to meet Anthony last winter and I fell in love at first sight with the exquisite handbag you see pictured here (as well as most everything else he creates – seriously, check out the clutches, you’ll die).  Here’s the scoop on Mr. Luciano: At his studio in NYC’s garment district he creates stunning bespoke handbags and accessories. Stepping into his studio was an overwhelming experience – the animal skins! the antique handles! the feathers! – I could hardly contain myself. He also produces a line of couture handbags that are sold at boutiques and big-name luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus. I recommend scheduling an appointment with him directly (212.563.2223) and having something made especially for you. It’s indulgent and luxurious and quite frankly if you’re going to spend on a handbag, skip the everyone-and-their-mother-has-it Chanel and go for something that no one else can claim as their own.

3. Prada I saw this post (hyperlinked over there <–) show up on Facebook a few days ago and got pretty excited. Bespoke shoes from Prada? Talk about a dream come true. Between colors, materials, soles, style, and heel height; the possibilities for shoe combinations are practically endless. It’s not clear from the post where to order (or even if they’re available yet) or what the starting price is, but that makes me want to get my grubby I-want-things-no-one-else-has-and-can-ever-have hands all over them even more.

Bespoke, personalized clothing and accessories are definitely shaking up the fashion industry. Perhaps designers were inspired by the hipsters but my guess is hipsters will be inspired by these looks all the same. Whichever comes first, it’s a trend I  hope will stick around. Happy shopping!




*Crowdemand asked me to take a look at their site and share my thoughts with you all. My opinions are entirely based on my own assessment of the platform, but, you know, I’m required to disclose this stuff. 


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