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Hipster-Minded Meets High-Fashion

How did the hipster burn her tongue? She ate her pizza before it was cool.


Okay, so apologies for the lame joke, but I needed an entrance to this post. I was recently approached about a new start-up that launched about two weeks ago. It’s called Crowdemand* and the concept is pretty cool, especially if you’re in to fashion. I’ll explain more in a moment, but the whole company is based on getting exclusive looks, in limited quantities, from top fashion designers. And I started thinking: is there a whole “hipster” mentality coming to take the premium fashion world by storm? I hope so. Here are three companies that are signaling the onset of the invasion: Read the rest of this entry


A Look Back: One Year With Pink Hair

97a8bdc633a011e3ad7a22000a9f3090_8From the days of Jem, I had longed to have bright pink hair. The desire didn’t go away as I got older and saw the likes of Gwen Stefani take the stage. Even when Lauren Conrad donned the look, I still yearned for a cotton candy color atop my own head. Yet for some reason, I never took the plunge – even while in college during a time when it would have been arguably easier to pull off the hue – and decided instead to maintain my plain Jane (usually from the box) color. As I got older, I paid a lot more for New York City highlights. I blamed the blandness on a sales job that put me in front of high-power strangers whose instant judgments were worth a lot of money. When my role at work changed in January of last year, I decided it was time to go pink or go home. In the year since making the change, I’ve learned that while blondes have more fun, pinks have all the fun. Here’s what else I learned: Read the rest of this entry