Since I’ve Been Gone…

The start(ish) of a new year means it’s time to restart this little blogging effort. It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything and 11 or so months later, things are a bit different over here. What better way to relaunch then to catch you all up on the most important things to happen to me since I’ve been posting. 2013 was one of the best years in recent memory, and here are a few of the highlights: 

Basically, the whole trip

Basically, the whole trip

I went to Ireland and had a grand old fucking time – After spending a few weeks during summer 2012 in Italy and France, I decided I needed to travel as often as possible. Then one day there was an amazing deal on Groupon for a trip to Dublin. Seemed like an opportunity to jump on. So in February, I hopped a flight and spent 5 packed days in Ireland. Maybe because we had no plan, maybe because we were in a foreign country that didn’t feel totally foreign, maybe because I drank my body weight in Guinness, maybe a lot of reasons; but I had the best time there. We spent one particularly wild night in Galway and I felt like I was on spring break all over again. It was one of the best vacations I’ve had since college.

I made it past midnight on the evening of my birthday celebrations – I am notorious for being a disaster on my birthday. My well-documented 27th birthday is only one example of that. I locked myself in my bedroom and didn’t even go the bar on my 21st birthday. I puked in my dorm room on my 19th birthday. I have a long-standing reputation for having the best parties that I never get to enjoy. Not this year. This year, I made it until almost 1 am and when all the free shots inevitably got the better of me, I made it to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and took a shower before passing out. If that’s not the sign of an awesome birthday and being a GROWN UP, well I don’t know what is.

I got into theater – I know one person who will be very excited to see this and will pat herself on the back, taking credit for the playbills I’ve collected this year. From May until the end of the year I saw 8 Broadway productions and a few smaller shows. In the first week and a half of 2014, I’ve seen 2 more. Not too shabby for someone who had seen less than 5 shows her entire life.

That's me, far left

That’s me, far left

I went shark cage diving in South Africa (and right, I went to South Africa) – Following the high of my trip to Dublin, I knew I had to plan another trip and somehow top it. So the idea of going on a safari popped into my head and I mentioned it to a friend. A few weeks later we found a deal (this time on TravelZoo) for a few days in Cape Town followed by a safari at Kruger National Park. After mentioning it to a few other friends, who also wanted in, we planned our 10 days in Africa. We saw about every kind of animal you can imagine, all in their natural habitat (penguins, ostrich, baboons, elephants, lions, hippo, all of it!). The most memorable of all of it (though encountering elephants in the wild comes a close, close second) was putting on a wetsuit and getting in a flimsy cage, tied with a wish and bit of rope to the side of a catamaran, and letting 8 great white sharks swim up. Sometimes, you experience something, and you know right after it’s going to be something you’ll always remember with stunning clarity. Coming face to face with a great white shark was one of those moments.

I’ve achieved Silver Status – After many years traveling the states  (mostly for work), I clocked enough miles in 2013 to finally, at long last, achieve the first level of status with Delta airlines. Yes, it’s only silver status, but it’s a free checked bag, upgrades, early boarding! Getting my silver card in the mail was one of the highlights of the year.

After the first sitting

After the first sitting

After several years and several visits, the tattoo I’ve had stuck in my head is now on my body – In 2008 I got a tattoo along the right side of my body. It’s a quote from a Sylvia Plath poem and I knew when I got it, that I wanted to illustrate it at some point, with another tattoo. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I wanted or what it would look like or how I could describe it to someone so that I didn’t sound crazy and that they had an idea of where to start. This year, I finally met an artist in Brooklyn who was able to draw it perfectly. 3 sittings and 7 hours later, I have something on me I really, really love.

I’m no longer snarky and single. Just snarky – Yes, after all the dating horror stories and snarky blogs and proclamations of how much I loved being single in New York City; I have gone over to the dark side and went ahead and fell in love. And I ended 2013 pretty darn happy. 

More to come in 2014… stay tuned.


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