Redefining the Fall

Just a thought I had after a few glasses of wine and the notes app on my phone…

I’d like to redefine the way we look at love. I don’t think it’s something we fall into; instead, I think it’s something we fall through.

The beginning of love is sort of like jumping out of a plane; there are moments of exhilaration and free-fall, there’s an excitement that anything could happen. And then suddenly something catches.

The fall is only what happens in the beginning. The fall isn’t the most of it. To say we fall in love is doing a disservice to the complexities of the emotion. It’s selling our heart short. We’re capable of so much more than falling if we do it right. And if we do it wrong, well, then we have to fall through. We have to fall through the break up. We have to fall through not having closure. We have to fall through getting that closure and hearing the truth even though it hurts like hell. We have to fall through watching them fall into someone else. The Facebook posts and tagged photos of smiles remembering that phase of free-fall but this time with someone else. And we have to memorize someone else’s touch. We have to pretend we’re not comparing. And eventually we will and we won’t. Eventually we’ll fall out. But I think what makes us strong, what defines our relationships with others and with ourselves, is the falling through.


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