Monthly Archives: August 2012

What I Hate About New York

There are not many things I don’t like about this city. I’ve written blogs, tweets and sonnets about my adoration of New York City. But like every amazing relationship, we sometimes have our ups and downs. And lest you all think this was an unrealistic love affair with no flaws, I’ll give you the inside look at what goes on behind the closed doors of my marriage to NYC. Read the rest of this entry


10 Things You Realize in Your 20s

I’ve ranted before about how much your 20s suck. But you know what? They’re not all that bad. And we don’t get too much time to enjoy them. I think this is the first time in your life you’re really able to be introspective. Sure, you’re a disaster and trying to figure what growing up and being an adult actually means; but you also have a little bit of living under your belt. If you’ll allow me to elaborate on some of my findings, well then, keep reading: Read the rest of this entry

27 Things You Should Know Before Dating Me

There was recently a blog on Thought Catalog about the things someone needed to know before dating the author. I thought the guy was kind of a douche with some of his points, kind of awesome with others, and pretty darn brave for publishing it to TC’s audience (which makes this little blog look like the middle of nowhere USA compared to New York City). Then my two brilliant co-workers published their lists too. (Check out Shari’s here and Alex’s here) and I was inspired. As if I haven’t given the male population enough reason to run screaming, here’s my list – one for each year I’ve been around. Read the rest of this entry