Lies Girls Tell (and what they really mean)

I’ve covered guys lying before (check it out: here), but I can’t pretend girls never fib here or there for the sake of self-preservation. I won’t betray my people and go into the lies we often tell in relationships (or to get out of relationships) — some secrets are meant to be kept — but I will let you in on some other white lies we tell every now and then.

The lie: I like sports!
What it means: I like to check out guys at bars and have an excuse to drink beer and not feel guilty about the carbs

The lie: I like to read!
What it means: I masturbated to 50 Shades of Grey (and the 2 sequels)
The lie: I’m not hungry
What it means: I don’t eat in public
The lie: These shoes don’t even hurt
What it means: Fuck my liiiiiife. Is it time to sit down yet?
The lie: I don’t need a guy in my life right now
What it means: No one will stick around for breakfast, but it’s totally cool because I’m not even hungry anyway (see above, it’s a vicious cycle)
The lie: She’s not even pretty
What it means: Is she prettier than me? She’s not prettier than me, RIGHT?!?! Oh my god. She’s prettier than me.

Short and sweet. Any lies you’re willing to admit, ladies?


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  1. I’m not sure i agree with these at all– In fact, I think they too well embody and a stereotypically female-insecure world. What’s more important– in my view is WHY girls should feel a need to lie about these things at all.

    • Ah, once again the art of humor is lost… thanks for commenting

      • Way to be Ignorant, ma'am!

        The problem is that your humor isn’t funny – your entire blog is like this. Encouraging women to self-deprecate themselves because they have shitty love lives or don’t wear makeup or high heels. No one needs this shit in the internet.

      • Thanks for giving me some traffic this fine Friday. Enjoy scouring the web for new topics. Best.

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