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Lies Girls Tell (and what they really mean)

I’ve covered guys lying before (check it out: here), but I can’t pretend girls never fib here or there for the sake of self-preservation. I won’t betray my people and go into the lies we often tell in relationships (or to get out of relationships) — some secrets are meant to be kept — but I will let you in on some other white lies we tell every now and then.

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Clothing Trends I Wish I Could Pull Off but Just Can’t

See, I look like an asshole in my hippie headband. I even tried a pensive stare and a peace sign. Nothing works

It was a really hard day for me the first time I realized that despite really liking how something looks on a hanger or someone shaped like a hanger, I simply cannot get away with wearing it. I often think of these fashion unreachables as I’m staring enviously at someone on the subway rocking said look.  It doesn’t get any easier, and this is a hard post to write. Here are the looks I love, and just can’t wear.  Read the rest of this entry