Make Up or Make Down: Two Takes on Cosmetics

Since it’s an election year and all, I decided to add some democracy and a little friendly debate here on Punk Meets Pink. I’ve had many a battle with my co-blogger regarding things like fashion (no, Cara, you don’t need to own everything that’s leopard print; Mal, those are not shoes, they’re weapons; etc.), the burough battle (Queens? Ack!), drinking (Cara: I hate the feeling I have after I’m drunk, so I don’t get drunk. Mal: *mouth hangs open in shock*) to the topic we’ll be discussing today: makeup.

My co-blogger is Cara Friedman, my co-worker and buddy that I have nothing in common in with. Cara keeps her own blog, that you should probably check out. I love her despite our immense differences. We’re also both princesses. And we’re battling it out over a controversial question – does a true princess/diva/betch wear makeup? Behold our two takes:

Make Up (Mallorie):

I firmly believe all women should wear makeup. It’s that simple. Here’s why:

1) You’re not that pretty. Sorry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t care how naturally pretty you think you are; you’re not above needing the accentuating powers of makeup. You don’t need to cake it on, but there is not one woman out there who doesn’t look significantly better with a little tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss.

2) It’s insulting to men. Now, I don’t mean women need to wear makeup because we have to look attractive to men. What I mean is this – it’s not a social norm for men to wear makeup in their everyday lives. When they wake up, a shower and shave is about as good as it gets and that face, well they’re stuck with it. Women, on the other hand, have SO MANY AMAZING PRODUCTS to fix imperfections, accentuate gorgeous features, and look about thirty times better than they do when they wake up. It’s our responsibility to take advantage of these things.

3) Oh, are you sick/ tired? Women who don’t wear makeup will likely hear this phrase about 18 times more than women who do wear makeup (yeah, this is a scientific study I conducted, ok?). Someone asking you if you’re feeling under the weather or didn’t get enough sleep is just their polite way of saying, wow you look like shit today. Enter the cosmetic industry and whether you’ve got a 102 fever or you’re hungover as a mo-fo, a little concealer and blush makes you look like you’re healthy, well-rested, and not an overall hot mess. If you want people to politely tell you you’re ugly 3 times per week, by all means, skip the cosmetics.

4) You deserve it. You know that saying, when you look good you feel good? I actually really, really believe that. Whether I’m sick, exhausted, sad, angry, or just in a down mood; taking the time to pamper myself a little always makes me feel better. People notice when you take the time to get yourself ready in the morning. Mondays suck. Actually, getting out of bed most mornings sucks (it’s literally the worst hour and 15 minutes of my life every day when my alarm starts going off. Yes, I snooze for an hour and 15 minutes). But by the time I’m all dolled up and ready to leave the apartment, if I’m looking my best, I’m definitely feeling my best. You deserve that!

5) It’s a slipperly slope to stretch pants and Disney character sweatshirts. If you throw in the towel and go the “makeup?! Never!” route, it won’t be long before you’re eating Big Macs and yelling at the TV during Wheel of Fortune. I’m just trying to protect you here.

Make Down (Cara):

Being a diva doesn’t require caking on the lipstick and powder. There is more to being fabulous than painting on a face. Here are 5 reasons NOT to wear makeup.

1) Too much time. There are barely enough hours in the day to do the things we have to do like go to work, or school, or shopping. I don’t plan on waking up any earlier than I have to in order to paint my face on.

2) Too much money. Apparently CVS makeup isn’t acceptable after middle school. I just can’t justify spending so much money for such a small quantity of product. Do you know how many eyeliners I have lost? The price adds up!

3) Never comes off. Whenever I put on makeup I have the remnants of it on my face for days after. It’s kind of like glitter. If you ever get near glitter you find it on your body for weeks after. Makeup removers never work, plus they are expensive (see number 2)!

4) Doesn’t stay on. Yes, I realize this sounds contradictory but it’s true! I am the type of person that touches my face often and every time I put on makeup I end up rubbing it off. Then we get back to problem number 1 with the constant reapplying of makeup and it taking over my life. It’s better to just not start the cycle.

5) I don’t need it. Let’s face it… some divas don’t need makeup to be pretty. I know that may sound obnoxious, but it is true. Sorry ladies! Don’t be bitter.

So — who’s side are you on? (Don’t forget whose blog this is…)


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