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Why “Girls” Is Just Another Poor Portrayal of NYC, This Time in Poor Clothes

behold, the grey tights

I’m not much of a TV fan (even though I have made some pretty bold statements about TV shows and their viewers in the past). I actually don’t even have a cable subscription in my apartment. But after a particularly painful process, I was able to secure my parents’ online information to score an HBO GO pass. I did this mostly for the True Blood access, but discovered Girls along the way. And I’m sort of obsessed. Like stayed up until 2am watching every episode I missed obsessed. I cringe. I watch through fingers spread over my eyes. I laugh and thank god that despite its striking resemblence to my life; it’s not actually my life. But the more I watch it, the more I obsess over the parts of the show that suck.

I knew as soon as I saw the opening scene that this would be a show I inevitably blogged about (4 girls, in their 20s, living in NYC — PMP and Girls share Google search terms, basically). I didn’t know what form the blog would take initially, but if I read one more article about how Girls is the best thing to happen to women since bras and Bridesmaids and how Lena Dunham is saving the city, I will spew. So I decided a rant was more fitting.  Read the rest of this entry

Make Up or Make Down: Two Takes on Cosmetics

Since it’s an election year and all, I decided to add some democracy and a little friendly debate here on Punk Meets Pink. I’ve had many a battle with my co-blogger regarding things like fashion (no, Cara, you don’t need to own everything that’s leopard print; Mal, those are not shoes, they’re weapons; etc.), the burough battle (Queens? Ack!), drinking (Cara: I hate the feeling I have after I’m drunk, so I don’t get drunk. Mal: *mouth hangs open in shock*) to the topic we’ll be discussing today: makeup.

My co-blogger is Cara Friedman, my co-worker and buddy that I have nothing in common in with. Cara keeps her own blog, that you should probably check out. I love her despite our immense differences. We’re also both princesses. And we’re battling it out over a controversial question – does a true princess/diva/betch wear makeup? Behold our two takes: Read the rest of this entry