7 Reasons to Love NYC

Still don’t live in New York City? Seriously, what are you waiting for? It is arguably (well, if you argued with me) the best city in the entire world. And as the quote goes: the true New Yorker secretly believes people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding. It’s true. Here are the top 7 reasons to fall head over (high) heels with this glorious city.

1) Delivery – I thought getting pizza delivered in the middle of a snow storm in Rochester was amazing. Welcome to life in NYC, where they deliver your clean laundry, your random 3am food cravings, your weekly groceries, a bottle of pregame vodka, and hell, even your drugs. You could make it in this city without ever leaving the apartment. Everything you need can be ordered over the phone or online and will show up promptly at your doorstep. Recently, I “did” my laundry and food shopping while sitting on the couch – I scheduled a laundry pick up via WashClubNYC and clicked my way to a full fridge on Fresh Direct.

2) Pizza and bagels – I don’t care where you live or where that one really good pizza place or bagel shop is; if it’s not from NYC, get outta my face. I hear it’s the water. I hear it’s the rudeness. I’m not sure what exactly makes the bagels and pizza in New York City better than anywhere else in country, but I don’t need to know. All I need to know is that the Jew in me can get a bagel with cream cheese and lox every morning if I wanted and it would taste amazing every day. The Italian in me can grab a slice of pizza every night and be in heaven. When I lived upstate, I used to dream about downstate pizza and bagels. It’s a reason I might never leave.

3) The subway – Dear god, do I love the subway. Sometimes the MTA is annoying with their construction, no M trains on the weekends, and fare hikes. But it doesn’t change the fact that you can get just about anywhere for $2.25. Now you might encounter some sketchy people, but it’s worth the risk. Other cities have subways (or the “metro” or “T”) but it doesn’t compare to New York. There are miles upon miles of tracks, they are constantly expanding and making improvements, it runs 24/7 and everyone from celebrities to crack-heads ride it. Tell me this doesn’t make New York fabulous – I dare you.

4) There’s something for everyone – Really, when I hear people say New York City isn’t for them, I really just want to say that their stereotype of NYC isn’t for them. You can live in any neighborhood, in any burough and find a community that’s right for you. You can live in the heart of it all in midtown, with the hipsters in Brooklyn, with the families on the Upper East Side — it’s yours for the taking. Want to party all night? There are bars for that. Into obscure theater? There are venues for that. Welcome foodies, artists, fashionistas, doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, musicians and music lovers, workaholics and laidback types. Welcome to New York City. And if you think you’re like so over New York, guess what? You’re probably just over some unsatisfying part of your life. And remember, no matter where you go – there you are, so you might as well stay. It’ll be worth it.

5) It never sleeps – If there’s one thing to say about New York that has always been true and always will be true, it’s that this city never sleeps. No matter what time you’re up, someone is always up with you, a restaurant is always ready to feed you, a bar always ready to serve up a beverage and a cabbie will be waiting to take you home when you’re finally ready to call it a night. And it seems that your friends here will always be up to answer your phone calls and text messages too.

6) It’s nothing like the movies. Or rather, it’s everything like the movies. Or really, it depends. But that’s why it’s so great – because it can be both of those things at once. In one breath, you’re watching Sex and the City and you’re like mmk, nice dress and all Carrie but I don’t think so. And the next you’re like watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and you’re all YES, I know that crazy pigeon lady! Because sometimes, like the movies, New York is stunning and beautiful and completely unreal (for better or worse). And sometimes, you spill Starbucks all over yourself trying to avoid getting hit by a cab (I’m looking at you Anne Hathaway).

7) Because when you thought you couldn’t, guess what? You could – and you did. You know what they say, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. Well I think that’s true. Because if you’ve figured out a way to navigate those amazing subways, afford your rent, hold down a job, have a social life and actually smile like you mean it once in a while – well, then you did it. And why would you ever leave? NYC doesn’t handle anyone with kid gloves, so you learn to toughen up. You learn that you can go a whole week without anyone actually touching you on purpose, that beer and 2 year old canned goods are ok to have in your fridge as long as there’s a pizza place on the block, that you can skip cable because having clothes to go out in is just more important. You learn you can make sacrifices, you learn that life sometimes pays off big, and if you tilt your head just so out of your apartment window, you’ll probably get a view that’ll knock your socks off.

Beat that other cities. 


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  1. My family members always say that I am wasting my time here at net, except I know I am getting experience every day by reading thes nice articles or reviews.

  2. Ok I’m with you on everything BUT the subway. Yes, it may run more frequently then other cities but let’s be real – do you really WANT to be taking the subway at 3am? The “T” and “Metro” are WAY cleaner and have much less of a “bad element” as my mother would call it. I’ve seen people pee, spit, puke, play the banjo, go pantsless and fornicate on a NYC subway. I’m thinking other cities can’t say that? I’m with you on the other 6 though and to replace subways I’ll give you…ROOFTOP BARS 🙂

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