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Your Shoes — And What They Mean About You

It should come as no surprise that I’m somewhat of a shoe junkie. The higher the heel the better, in my opinion. When I’m on the subway, I look down not in an attempt to avoid eye-contact with my fellow passengers, but because I’m silently judging their shoe choices. Poor shoe selection is one of those things that really irks me about a person. Like I totally understand different taste, but I don’t understand on what planet some people think their shoes are acceptable. It kills me. Similar to women who don’t wear make-up, I think women who don’t wear heels (or at the very least some freaking adorable ballet flats, Oxfords, or riding boots) need a smack across their face. Or maybe they just need to read this post, and see what their shoe choices are really saying about them. Read the rest of this entry

5 People You Meet on the Subway

New York City mass transit is one of the most amazing things in the world, if you ask me. For $2.25 you can pass your way through all 5 buroughs, rub elbows with business men and bums, and maybe even get to second base with a stranger. It’s seriously genius. After you’ve spent some time riding the subway, especially during a rush hour commute, you start to seem similarities in your fellow passengers. I’ve realized, there are pretty much 5 kinds of people you’ll find yourself sharing a ride with: Read the rest of this entry

Breaking Up in a Facebook World

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the trials and tribulations of dating in a Facebook world. The social network that has brought us together with best friends and creepy stalkers has created some complexities when it comes to dating; adding a whole new layer of relationship issues. If you’re lucky enough to begin a relationship with all the Facebook (and social media) complications, there’s only one natural next step: the break up. And unfortunately, Facebook has thrown a wrench into this as well. Here’s some advice on how to deal with your break up in a Facebook world:  Read the rest of this entry

Things You Can’t Do at a Bar After You Graduate College

mom jeans don't belong dancing on a bar

After a particular rowdy night at a bar recently, I woke up with a pounding head, questionable text messages and a blurred memory of what happened the night before. As I was slowly recovering over a giant Diet Coke and French fries, I realized how much slower I bounced back from a night on the town than I used to 5 or 6 years ago. I then started thinking that maybe that type of behavior just isn’t acceptable after you graduate college, regardless of what city you live in. So, post-grads (and soon-to-be post-grads), I decided to compile a handy guide in case you’re confused about bar scene do’s and don’ts. Read the rest of this entry

5 TV Shows You Should Never Watch If You Want to be Taken Seriously

It seems that every January, a slew of horrible new shows hit the airwaves with the promise of exposing all the idiots on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. These programs fall mostly into the reality TV category. You’ll see many people posting on their social profiles about how dumb these shows are, but their live tweets each week prove that they are regularly tuning in. Sometimes even DVR’ing so they don’t have to waste a moment of their mind–numbing adventures with silly commercials. Now, I don’t judge you for watching any of the below programs, but I just can’t take you seriously. If you’d like me to contine taking you seriously, avoid making public your love of the following: Read the rest of this entry

The New York City Trifecta

They say when you live in New York City, you’re constantly in search of one of three things: the dream apartment, perfect relationship and a successful career. If you manage to nab each of these, you’ve officially made it. If you don’t – well I’m not so sure what that means exactly. Maybe that you should just throw in the towel, start taking the bus and give up ordering a skinny at Starbucks. Until that time comes though, consider this your reference guide to ensure you actually make it in this city (and coming from someone who’s snagged 2 out of 3, I figure I’m just as entitled as any to post this). Read the rest of this entry