Winter Must-Haves for an NYC Girl

Now that Christmas is finally over (yes, I did say finally, I freaking hate all that holiday hullabaloo), I can go back to enjoying New York City without annoying people gawking at a tree, crowding the subways, taking available cabs and filling my regular shopping stomping grounds with their suburban dollars. Life, as I know it, can go back to normal. Much like summer, extreme seasons require provisions and precautions in this city. Tackling sub-zero temps in the best city in the world is no easy task. Alas, I have compiled a handy guide to make sure you’re ready.

1) GLOVES – if I could give you one piece of advice for handling the winter in New York City (or really any cold city), it would be to make sure you always have gloves. I’m a firm believer that you can be wearing the world’s tiniest dress, sans coat, and as long as you have on some gloves, you’ll make it to your next destination without frost bite. Here’s why they’re genius: A. your little hands are very susceptible to getting really cold really fast, so you have to combat this. If you do, you’re likely to buy yourself some time before the rest of your body goes numb. B. they’re small enough to fit in your purse. The real pain about carrying a coat out with you is that once you get to the bar/ club, you have nowhere to put it. I’ve lost many a coat check ticket and have been near tears that a beloved fashion item is lost. Or I’ve simply forgotten that I used a coat check and walked home cold anyway. If you stick with the gloves route, you can pop them in your purse and be good to go.

Fashion/ function tip: go with a knit pair that goes above your elbow. Cute and warm. You’re welcome.

2) Wrap around scarves – this style of scarf is a must-have in the winter in the city. Because the weather patterns are so unpredictable and precipitation can start coming out of the sky at any time and in any form, the wrap around (or circle) scarf becomes a multi-purpose staple. I often use mine to cover my head if it starts raining or snowing unexpectedly. It’s also great if the wind picks up. I love hats but I find they present me with a few problems including hat hair and a strong gust leaving it halfway across 6th avenue. Scarves are instant accessories that serve a function. I also never travel without mine, regardless of the season. I literally wrap it around my entire head and pass out on planes and trains. It’s pretty much my travel security blanket. Go for the styles from American Apparel.

3) Extra perfume – in my Essential NYC Summer Guide I made the same recommendation, but this time for different reasons. In the summer, the heat hits and you’re likely to need a little smell-good refresher. In the winter, I pile on the layers. Maybe this is crazy, but I also try to remember to put perfume on each layer. Think about it: you add perfume before you get dressed to your bare skin. Then you cover practically every inch of yourself in clothes and accessories and suddenly, you just wasted many spritzes of an expensive perfume. Use less and in more places. And remember your travel size. Forgetting perfume makes me really upset. Like need to go to Sephora on my lunch break upset.

4) Rain boots and knit socks (or another cute and sturdy rain boot substitute) – only college girls wear Uggs on a regular basis. They serve zero purpose in the dead of winter in New York City when the streets are covered in slush and ice. Uggs are completely useless. Sure, they’re warm but the rest of your body will still be cold when you slip in your Uggs and fall in a pile of 3-day old snow. Put your cute boots and heels in your purse and get your feet in a pair of big knit socks and Hunter rain boots. You won’t slip, get cold or have soaking wet feet by the time you get to work. Note: this is only acceptable during the work week. If you go to a bar or club in rain boots, you should move back to whatever Podunk town you came from.

5) Wine – is this a survival tip? Meh, maybe not but for me it’s essential. Red wine in the winter time solves every problem. No matter where you’re running to or from, when you stop to meet friends for a drink in the dead of winter, nothing gets a nice warming buzz going like a few glasses of red wine. So if you forget your gloves or your scarf, I’m sure you won’t even notice it with enough of this staple.

I promise, this season won’t last forever and you’ll be sweating in July in no time 🙂


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