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Why It’s Okay to Love America (Even Though It’s Batshit Crazy)

Ladies and gentlemen, I, Mallorie Rosenbluth, have officially made it as a blogger. Please welcome: a guest blog post! Today’s post comes from Mary Milliken. Mary, inspired by my latest anti-America post, created her own post to defend this crazy land we call home. Read and enjoy: Read the rest of this entry

Why it’s OK to Hate America

I recently picked up a copy of the UK edition of cosmopolitan magazine. I was in a rush and there was some scantily clad blonde broad on the cover that could have easily been any number of US tartlets. Besides not being able to tell if I could actually afford any of the items listed (what’s the pounds to dollars conversion these days?), I didn’t so much mind or care that this wasn’t the US edition. Until that is, I came to a blurb about TV shows and guilty foods to eat while watching. Guess what they recommended to eat during a US show. Breadsticks and slushies. I felt so sad to be an American while reading that. Then I started thinking about the good old U-S of A. While I love NYC (a lot), I’m not particularly patriotic. There are plenty of reasons to think Americans are breadstick munching, slushy guzzling buffoons. Here are some I came up with (yes, a lot of them ended up being fucked up families…interesting trend): Read the rest of this entry

Why it’s Not Always More Expensive to Live in NYC

I don’t really understand people who don’t want to live in New York. I’ve been to a lot of cities in this country. I’ve really only liked 2 besides New York, and even while I’m enjoying those places, I’m silently counting down the days until the wheels of my plane land in NYC again. I’ve heard a lot of reasons why New York isn’t number one on people’s list. These reasons range from the people are rude to it’s too chaotic to the one I hear the most – it’s too expensive. I’ll leave my personal thoughts on people who say this (*cough*poor*cough) and instead provide some cold hard stats about why this is not an entirely true statement. Sure our rents are absurd, but there are certainly other places with sky-high housing. There are plenty of things that are actually less expensive in NYC than in other locations. Here are just a few:  Read the rest of this entry