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Things that Piss Off an NYC Girl

Surprise: I’m a bit of a diva. I try not to be, but I’m very specific about things I like, things I don’t like, and things that just really piss me off. So what better way to let the whole world (or at least the, like, 10 of you who read this blog faithfully) know what pisses me off then write about it. I won’t drone on with an intro paragraph, because I’m already heated just thinking about these things that drive me, an NYC girl, absolutely crazy. Read the rest of this entry


Things that are only acceptable when you’re with your college friends



I consider myself to be a pretty lucky person when it comes to my college experience. While I made a handful of bad decisions, I also made a handful of amazing friends and even more great memories. I’m fortunate enough to have some best friends living in the same city and I get to see  them and sling back cocktails on regular basis. Even more fortunate though, I have friends in other cities who I get to see for reunion weekends. We started the summer after sophomore year and have continued this, with pretty much the same crew, for the last 7 years. This past weekend was one of those Geneseo reunions.

Last year, we hit up Saratoga, NY for the Tom Petty concert and a weekend of sunbathing, shots and no showers. This year, we changed scenery and crossed state-lines to the fist pumping capital of the world, New Jersey. My friend Joey is one of those rare non-NY residents who opt to attend a SUNY school. Thanks to him, we did a good job tearing our way through Belmar last weekend.

As I reflect on the weekend, I realize there are certain behaviors that only come out – and are only acceptable – when you’re in the company of college friends. While I regularly see plenty of college friends who live here in NYC; something extra special happens when our visits become occasions. And this weekend, dear readers, was an occasion. Behold, the debaucherous behaviors:

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First Date Tips for Guys and Girls











I know, I know! I haven’t blogged in weeks… I suck. I admit it. Now get over it. I’m back and better than ever.

I keep thinking about first dates. Probably because most of my friends are single and going on lots of first dates, probably because I keep watching lame rom-coms, who knows. I just have been. I’ve also found myself often discussing/ debating first date do’s and don’ts. As any good writer would do, I just had to share these insights with the masses. Behold, first date tips for guys and girls (conveniently listed by critical categories): Read the rest of this entry