An F’in Weekend

I love when you have a good week that’s capped off by an amazing weekend. And that’s what this week/ weekend was all about. After an incredibly successful Likeable U (including client day, Dave Kerpen‘s book launch party, and other bits of awesomeness), I had a packed weekend which involved celebrating not one but two birthdays. As I sit back and reflect on another weekend over and done with, I see a common thread emerge in this weekend’s success story. Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter “F” – behold:

Friends: Because of our  insane lives, travel schedules, and varying social calendars, it’s been WEEKS since I’ve hit the town with my friends here in NYC. It was a long time coming, and we had a special occasion to celebrate: a 26th birthday. Not to be outdone by the events that unfolded during my 3-day birthday extravaganza (which may literally be the last time we all went out together), Beryl’s birthday involved a swanky rooftop, Grey Goose bottle service, an epic dance party and what can only be categorized as Geneseo/IB-like shenanigans. I also may or may not have yelled at a bartender for not serving the Patron chilled. I mean, really…

Family: After that lovely Friday night and an extremely painful Saturday morning, I packed up my overnight bag and trained it home to see the fam. We were gathering together to celebrate my big sister’s 30th birthday. Admittedly, the festivities for Rebecca’s birthday were a bit tamer than Beryl’s, but it was still a nice time with the family. I even got to cuddle my new baby nousin (that’s niece-cousin) Sophie who’s a whopping 7 weeks. I’d met her once before but that’s when my cough Larry was still being a jerk and hanging out with me. This time, Larry was nowhere to be seen and I got to hold and kiss the little doll. It was a good night with the family. Especially because we got some FaceTime action in with my other favorite little person, my nephew Jack in New Mexico (unfortunately Miles was sleeping but t-minus 27 days until my sister and I arrive in NM for some QT with our nephews).

Food: If you follow me on Twitter, you’re no stranger to the fact that I like me some food (have you followed my #fatgirltweet tweets?). So having a good meal always makes my day. Saturday had a lot of potential as the morning started with a trip to Big Daddy’s, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of much and for some reason I got chocolate chip pancakes when EVERYONE knows my order is a veggie cheeseburger and tater tots. Stupid move. However, I redeemed myself at dinner. By request of my sister, we hit up Restaurant X. I downed the following: roasted beet and goat cheese salad, panko crusted trout (with a sauce I would gladly bathe in), and butterscotch pudding. So much NOM. Finally, I closed off my visit home with my favorite Sunday morning breakfast – a fresh bagel from Nyack Hot Bagels which puts any and all NYC bagel joints to shame. Thanks, Dad.

FUN: yeah, a lame “F” but I had a great weekend.

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  1. Love this post Malsiepants. You’re the cutest. xoxo Carre

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