The Essential NYC Summer Guide

Much as we think it won’t happen (do you remember all the snow this winter??), every year summer hits NYC – and hits it hard. This week was particularly hard-hitting in the weather department. Hazy, hot and humid… all amplified by not having AC in the office for two full days. I found myself wishing it was September instead of June and that summer was almost over. But then I mentally slapped myself for that delusional thinking. Sub-zero temps, inches upon inches of snow – no way. So I decided to compile a list of things every NYC girl needs to have in her bag, on her body, and as her state of mind during the summer months ahead.

In Your Bag
I’m a firm believer in the need for a large purse. I often see women with small bags that can barely fit their Metro Card and apartment keys and think they’re crazy. I always make sure my bag is packed with anything and everything I might need. Here are my summer necessities:
1) Extra powder foundation – SURPRISE I wear makeup. I think most women should. No one is naturally beautiful enough that makeup won’t make them look a little better. And no one is immune to the glistening glow 90 degree temps can afflict upon us. Whether you prefer loose or compact powders, throw it in your purse. Trust me. No one wants to go into a meeting or out after work looking like you just ran a marathon. My favorite is Bare Minerals and I swear by the Mineral Veil (there’s even an SPF one!).

2) Travel size perfume – I was going to say travel deodorant but girls don’t get stinky, right? We can always just use a little splash of something to smell better . So make sure you throw some body spray or perfume into your purse. I find I’m always heading out right after work, so I don’t have time to go home and freshen up. Whatever I can throw into my bag to make the transition from work to play is a big help. I love the body sprays from Bath and Body Works – they only cost a few bucks and there are about a million scents to choose from, so you’re bound to find one you like.

3) An umbrella – I have been caught in more summer showers that I care to recall. As if NYC’s humidity isn’t bad enough, the random breaks in the 3 H’s often come in the form of open skies. Getting caught in a rain storm isn’t so bad if you’re wearing a jacket or dark colors. However, in the summer, you’re probably not doing either of those. To avoid showing up at your destination looking like a wet rat or worse, like a contestant in a wet T-shirt contest – carry an umbrella. My advice: spring for a good umbrella. The cheap ones are cheap. One good gust of wind and you’re umbrella is useless.

4) Flip Flops – Now it’s no surprise I believe in high heels. In fact, women who don’t wear high heels really get on my nerves. But I’m not crazy. Hauling all over the city in 4 or 5 inches, especially when your feet are swelling and it’s hot as… well, you know… is no easy feat (or feet hehe). Flip flops are a girl’s best friend. In the winter, it’s hard to make sure you have a change of shoes. Especially because the comfortable weather appropriate shoes are often Hunter or Ugg boots and no matter how big your purse is, it’s not big enough for boots that size. But flip flops cost a fraction of what those boots cost, and can be tossed in your purse without taking up much room.

5) A bottle of water – this is one I often forget. And as I’m standing down in the subway, waiting to get on a crammed train and go to work, I realize there is not enough AC in the world to make it a bearable ride. But when I remember to throw a cold bottle of water in my purse, it’s suddenly a lot better. And cooler.

On Your Body
Besides the large bag that contains all of the above, here are a few things you should always be wearing this summer:
1) Comfortable shoes – Note I did not say ugly shoes, I said comfortable shoes.For some reason, I find summer shoes do more damage to my feet than winter ones. I love winter shoes – I love suede, I love boots, I love suede boots. So I pretty much buy whatever I can get my hands on that falls under any of those three categories. And with the addition of tights or socks I don’t usually have a problem with comfort. And I never get a blister. Summer shoes though – ouch. While I own an obscene amount of footwear, I have learned to identify the ones I’ll be able to wear for 15 hours. And if they’re too pretty to pass up regardless of the pain they’ll inflict, well that’s why I wrote #4 above.

2) White jeans – really, white pants in general are a staple for me. As soon as Memorial Day hits, I bust out the white pants. I don’t think there’s a classier outfit than white skinnies, black top and great heels. I know pastel jeans are all the rage this season, but I really hate colored jeans. Jeans should be blue, black or white. The rest is just confusing. I never know what tops to wear. You have to space them out in your daily wear strategically so you’re not the girl who keeps wearing those pink jeans. But white jeans… sign me up. I recently scored some amazing white pants from H&M for only $12.95 #swoon

3) Hats! Yeah, I like hats. A lot. However, I think girls look kind of stupid in them in the winter (unless of course, they’re winter hats – which can be functional and fashionable). The hats I’m talking about (go click on my author pic on the top right to see evidence) are the perfect summer accessory, especially when you’re at the beach or sitting in the park. Go buy one (or if you’re like me – go buy 3)

Your State of Mind
I only have one thing to go under this heading – remember, summer doesn’t last forever. It will be snowing and freezing again in no time. Forget how much you’re sweating and go to your favorite rooftop or on-the-water bar and have some ice cold cocktails.

Happy Summer!


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  1. this a great blog. every female could relate to this. i read it twice i liked it that much.

  2. So funny story, I wore “comfortable” flats today and toted my heels in my purse so I could slip them on to try on dresses. The thing is, the flats tore up my feet…so, I walked home in 3-4 inch platform stilettos. I’m of the opinion that very often, heels are more comfortable than flats. Flip flops, though, are a different story 😉

  3. @GGGB – i hate flats (unless they’re TOMS!). I did just pick up a $10 pair of Fast Flats by Dr. Scholls because they roll up and come in a cute gold pouch. I’ll let you know how they are 🙂

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