Sleep Shopping

What’s that photo of you ask? No, my closet did not explode. I am not collecting old favorites to donate to the Goodwill. This glorious pile is the result of what I’m calling sleep shopping. I’ve watched TV shows where people do some strange stuff in their sleep — make sandwiches, drive cars, take showers. But I’ve never seen anyone do online shopping. Ok, ok – I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly sleeping at the time of purchase, but I was completely delirious and adding items to my cart with reckless abandon. I then proceeded to check-out, entered my payment info and upgraded to 2-day shipping. I did not remember that I did this until I received the confirmation in the morning that my order had been processed. 48 hours and 220 dollars later, and I have some awesome finds from Urban Outfitters.

I scored 3 great new summer skirts (two of which happen to match my new TOMS wedges – also in the picture – PERFECTLY), 2 t-shirts, a surplus denim jacket, fun black dress (simple black front, black and white stripes on the back, comes together in the middle with a great button!), lightweight summer-color plaid button-up, and what I’m already predicting is my LBD of the season. I did pretty great (particularly when you take into account the fact that I was barely conscious).

Now I only have one problem… I’ve run out of room in my apartment for my clothes and shoes. LITERALLY. I might need to move sooner than I thought!


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