Mile High Club

Dear readers, I am currently writing to you from lots of miles in the air. I am  en route from LaGuardia (often times my home away from home) to Orange County and LA via Atlanta. Starting in about December, I began traveling  for work A LOT. This coming from a girl who spent the first 20+ years of her life never stepping foot in an airport. Since December, I’ve been to Omaha a handful of times, San Fran, Boston, DC, Chicago, Texas, Michigan, Connecticut, Florida, the Bahamas (all for work — I get a few personal trips in there every now and then too!).

Today though, my travel nightmares came true. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been battling the world’s most epic cough. I’m on the way to beating Larry for good (yes, I named my cough — we’ve been together for so long!). However, after a failed z-pac attempt, the doctor put me on Prednisone and it’s leaving me all hyped-up and unable to sleep. Once I do fall asleep though, danger ensues. I was supposed to be out the door by 5:30 this morning. Instead, my day started a little something like this (please note the first 10 seconds):

Only difference… I did not make my flight. Instead, I woke up in my cozy bed to a call from Allie 12 minutes before our flight was supposed to leave. Awesome. By some miracle of God, I was able to throw on my clothes, brush my teeth in the kitchen sink (roommate was showering) and get in a cab in about 4 minutes. My original flight was scheduled for 7am. I am currently on the 8am. Don’t ask, I have no idea how I made it.

A few tips so you don’t experience the same nightmare I did this morning:

1) Make sure you set your alarm for AM and not PM

2) Confirm with your travel buddy that if you’re not at the gate at your designated meeting time, it might be time to give you a ring

3) PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE AN EARLY FLIGHT. Seriously, the fact that I was completely packed and showered with clothes laid out is the only reason I made this flight. That and the amazing people at Delta (say what you want, they’re my fav airline)

So truth: this is not the first cross-country flight I’ve missed (and I’m sure it’s not yours)… let me hear it! It’ll make me feel like less of a dope after this morning’s debacle.

See you in Cali!

P.S. — saddest part about being away for the next 3 days… my new Steve Madden Oxfords and TOMS Shoes wedges will arrive while I’m gone

P.P.S. — the woman next to me is wearing a vest that looks like Nana from Peter Pan


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  1. Didn’t miss a cross-country flight BUT I did miss my connecting flight home while taking my “spring breakout” vacation.. because I fell asleep at the gate and missed boarding. I was literally about 20 feet away from the plane the whole time and woke up minutes after they closed the gate. THAT was embarrassing.

  2. Hahah! OMG Devin… that totally beats my story from this morning!

  3. Okay, we have a few more years of crazy traveling under our belts than you do, so our stories are plentiful. My first trip with Dave was a vacation to the Dominican Republic. He did not understand why we would need to arrive more than 15 minutes before the flight. Because it was Dave, of course, we caught the flight, and I was only moderately hysterical and enraged.

    The next big vacation that we took on our own (he won’t do this with kids there) was to Cancun. That flight we missed. He somehow finagled us on another flight that got us in First Class for no additional charge.

    I guess the moral of the story is, try and make the flight, but if you don’t, it will all work out. You ARE Mallorie, after all!

  4. @Carrie — I was TOTALLY channeling the Kerpens when I ran out of the apartment and got to the airport!

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