$19 for a Pitcher of Awesome

File under: shenanigans (no really, I’ll make a category and this post will live there).

I just had a great dinner and catch up session with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. It got me thinking (the $19 pitcher of Sangria also got me thinking) of how you can find and make friends with people you never would have imagined you’d be friends with. I guess this is the joy of working at a start up company.

Allow me to elaborate (and this is my blog, so I’m supposed to elaborate, ok?). 18 months ago I started working at a company with 3 full time employees in NYC (herehere and here), 1 in Boston, a couple of part-timers (here and here) and a pair of the hardest working co-founders I’ve ever seen (here and here). You weren’t hired because you’d be best friends with everyone. You were hired because you were smart, you were driven and you were passionate about social media. If anyone out there has ever worked at a start-up, you know that the people working beside you aren’t just your co-workers, they’re soldiers fighting in the same battle you’re fighting. You don’t really consider being friends, you just somehow become family.

I remember the moment I knew I had made the right decision leaving behind a cozy secure job in Rochester, NY. I had been with the company for a few weeks and we were having a Saturday orientation for our latest group of interns. After the orientation, a group of us from the company went out for 2 for 1s at Chili’s and proceeded to slam back so many Bud Lights that a sleepover at our co-worker’s house became necessary (thanks to Mandy’s husband, John, for serving us coffee in bed). I woke up the next morning sandwiched between two people I hadn’t known very long. But our focus, our passion and our shared experience made it feel like I had known them my whole life.

So tonight, I met up with a former friend from the trenches who has since left the company. Would we have been friends if we lived across the hall from each other in college? Probably not. But we’ll always be able to meet over some Latin food, a pitcher of Sangria, and the shared knowledge of what we’d been through together.

It was  a great night. In case you’re wondering, I’m completely stuffed and started the meal with a plate of tostones that looked more like potato latkes than fried plantains. But it was pretty yum.

And I was wearing TOMS shoes.


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  1. Those plantains look AMAZING. Nice post.

  2. Thanks, Tim! They were pretty tasty — as was the rest of the meal (and the Sangria!). In case you’re wondering, we were at Cabana (3rd Ave btwn 60th and 61st).

  3. Since I’m currently in transition from college and the real world, I’ve been thinking deeply about friends–how will our interactions be now that we may be miles apart, instead of dorms apart? Plus, friends naturally drift when you grow into different people (Bridesmaids prompted this thought).

    But your post reminds me that there are many different types of friends (not all have to be your best friend). Besides, we’ll be making many more as we move on with life and places. Oh, and I will always have the Buzzies! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great comment Caroline. Trust me, the first year out of college is anything but easy and it’s a HUGE adjustment. I refer to it as garden time with friends… you’ll find the weeds, you’ll find what’ll bloom into lasting friendships. And along the way, you’ll make new friends, too.

    Good luck with everything, congrats on graduation and you will always have your Buzzies and Likeable family! xoxo

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